DronElite NJ



Take a look from a new point of view by allowing our drone to be your eye in the sky! We can perform roof and window inspections in hard to reach areas, all done safely from ground level. We also offer agricultural and land observation, as well as construction site inspection.

Real Estate

Make your property listing stand out amongst the others with a crystal clear 4K Ultra-High Definition video montage. Each real estate service also comes with multiple high definition images edited to perfection for your customers’ viewing pleasure.


Need a picture or video taken from above? Request an aerial shot of whatever your subject may be. From music videos to sunrises and sunsets, we can do it!


Remote UAS Pilot Certificate #4448839





Yes. I have my Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). With this certification, I am legally certified to fly drones commercially to help aid you for any project or venture you may need.

I am also registered with the FAA, and offer legitimate insurance for each project that I do.

I currently use a Mavic Mini 2 from DJI. They are a very well rounded company that offer multiple fleets of drones for many services.

The use of drones allow the user to reach areas where it would be deemed unfit, or not ideal conditions for a human to be for health or safety reasons. For example, analyzing the roof of an old house or building, inspecting high power voltage lines, and cell phone towers. They also provide a great birds eye view of the world around us.

Since each project varies to each clients needs, please contact me through the Contact page, or feel free to send me a direct message on any social media platform for your next project.


Each project will usually have a 48-72 hour turnaround time once filming or photographing is complete.

Each finalized video or photo project will be uploaded to a restricted Google Drive link for you to access and download for your viewing pleasure.

4K Ultra-High Definition video is starting to become more mainstream in terms of video resolution. It is four times the resolution of a standard 1080P video clip. It allows more detail to be captured in your video, and when displayed on a 4K TV or monitor, your video will be extremely clear and give a sense of realism to the viewer. This is also great for video inspections and other projects that require great detail to be displayed.